When a house is listed, that agent represents and advocates for the seller. For generations, the rule of thumb was “caveat emptor”, buyer beware. Today, buyers have the right to full representation and advocacy...that’s what a Buyer’s Representative is about. The Buyer’s Representative works solely for the buyer to be sure that they are getting the best possible home. The representative is responsible for guiding the buyer through the home-buying process and providing resources and information throughout that process. The representative does the “due diligence” for the buyer to be sure that they are getting the most for their money. The representative is responsible for keeping current on legislation, ordinances and practices that could impact the value of the buyer’s property. All this and the seller usually pays the buyer representative’s commission.
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Keeping Real Estate Real
1. Price. Know what you can afford and what you are able to spend! Sit down with a mortgage specialist and start the qualifying process. Knowing what you can spend on a house narrows the search for your home down to those realistic choices! 2. Type of Property. Do you want a condo, a single family home or a multi-family home? Are there particular styles and/or ages or homes that you like (or, more importantly don’t like!) 3. Condition of Property. Are you handy or not? Are you willing to put a little “sweat equity” into your home? Or do you want a house that’s ready to move into? 4. Must-haves. Determine what is essential in your new home. Is it important to have three bedrooms? Two baths? 5. Nice-to-haves. A nice-to-have may get eliminated if price becomes an issue. You may want an extra bedroom for a home office...but you don’t “need” it. 6. Location. Where do you want to live? What neighborhood/community works for you? How far are you willing to commute? Are there other towns close by that might work for you as well?
Home Buying Check List
Bedrooms:_______ Bathrooms:_______
Miles from work:_______________ Schools:____________________________________________ Shopping:_________________________________________________________________________ Freeways:_____________________ Walk to:___________________________________________
Home office:____________________ Architectural style:__________________________________ Finished basement:_____________ Hardwood floors:_____________ Fireplace:_______________ Number of stories:_______ Other:_____________________________________________________
Work Sheet
Outdoor space and backyard: 	Deck__________ 	Fenced________ Kitchen: 	Open_________ 	Gourmet______ 	Eat  in________  Type of heat and/or air conditioning:  School district:________________
Lot size:________________
Square Footage:__________
Garage Spaces:__________
Other:_____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________
Must Haves:
Condition of Property:
Should Haves:
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